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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 90th, Tuck!

Yes, today is the bicentennial of the births of both Charles Darwin AND Abraham Lincoln. It also would have been the 90th birthday for the late, great Forrest Tucker.

No one would dispute that Tuck's place in history pales in comparison to the father of the evolution theory and our greatest President. But still, the man who saved the village from The Crawling Eye and hunted the Abominable Snowman down deserves a LITTLE recognition today, doesn't he?

The above clip is from the November 27, 1965 episode of Hollywood Palace, hosted by the lovely Janet Leigh and co-starring Larry Storch and Ken Berry from F TROOP.

Reminding us that he played Professor Harold Hill in THE MUSIC MAN a mind-boggling 2,008 times prior to his signature TV role, Tuck sings and dances his way through a rendition of "Old Man Time"...and, while he's at it, smoothly tries to mack on Ms. Leigh. You go Forrest!

1 comment:

hobbyfan said...

This was cool! The beat closely resembles Bobby Darin's rendition of "Mack the Knife", in case you didn't notice.

Forrest, of course, also sang the theme to "Ghost Busters" 10 years later, not that it did that show any good, since it was a 1 year wonder.