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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy 83rd to America's Greatest Living Actor - Larry Storch!

That's right, Larry Storch, the second greatest actor who ever lived, is celebrating number 83 today.

I met the great Mr. Storch in 2000, when he was in town performing "Annie Get Your Gun", playing Sitting Bull. Yeah, Marilu Henner was playing Annie, but big deal. All of us in the audience were obviously there to see the one, the only Corporal Agarn, judging from audience response.

I just had to hang around afterwards and meet Larry, and get his autograph and a photo. Ok, this isn't the original background at the Fair Park Music Hall, this was added by my friend and the host of countless poker games, Larry May.

In the meantime, happy birthday Mr. Storch, and count me among those who wish that MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN'S "Larry Storch School of Acting" really did exist.

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