Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Revisited: SO FINE (1981), ...ALL THE MARBLES (1981), DARKTOWN STRUTTERS (1975)

The question "Why the Hell isn't THIS on DVD yet?" has recently been rendered moot for two of THE HORN SECTION's most wanted.

SO FINE (1981) is now available through the Warner Home Archive. This was Andrew Bergman's initial effort as director, and his followup script to the hilarious 1979 classic THE IN-LAWS. Here is the original review, from way back in May 2006.  And while I'm at it, why not a little clip:

But this isn't the Warner Archive's only good deed: also available is another 1981 cult classic, ...ALL THE MARBLES, starring Peter Falk. Here is the original review for this one, and here is another sample film clip to show what the DVD world has been missing...until now.

Two down, 37 (and counting) to go. Unfortunately, there's still no DVD release slated for 1975's DARKTOWN STRUTTERS, the forerunner to spoofs like I'M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA, UNDERCOVER BROTHER and the recently released BLACK DYNAMITE.
Original review is here.

But there is a "Set your DVR's" alert: Turner Classic Movies will be airing DARKTOWN STRUTTERS at 2 A.M. Eastern Time on Saturday, December 19th as part of the TCM Underground series! So set your DVR's for this rarely broadcast slice of insanity, watch your butt when these ladies strut, and stay tuned for review # 40.  In the meantime, a little sample of those Struttin' ladies:

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venoms5 said...

ALL THE MARBLES I remember seeing as a kid. My dad loved that movie. He owned two copies of the VHS. DARKTOWN STRUTTERS is a strange one. I've yet to watch it from start to finish.