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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The F TROOP Podcast with Cosometica


No, it isn't Friday yet, but yours truly participated in the first podcast of Dan Schneider's new "Why This TV Series is Great" series at Cosmoetica on YouTube.  In case you'd like an introduction to Dan's site:


Anyway, I was delighted to be asked to explain "Why F Troop is Great" on Dan's latest installment.  Check it out at this link!  The podcast runs 70 minutes and we discuss the great cast and characters, F TROOP's standing among the 1960's greatest sitcoms, why the show has endured, and why it was prematurely cancelled in 1967.


Many thanks to Dan for the invite!  Check it out, and be warned I'm a little rusty after a LONG hiatus from being in front of the camera (I think Clinton was Prez last time I acted).  We had some technical difficulties forcing me to change locations halfway through, so my prepared set went out the window, but hey, we got to talk about this blog's favorite show regardless.  There's only so much ground one can cover in a 70 minute interview, but if your interest in this 1960's classic is piqued by what you hear, you can get in-depth episode-by-episode critiques and other long form articles on the series here in our ongoing F TROOP FRIDAYS series.

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