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Monday, October 11, 2010

Missing No Longer: PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW (1971)

Man, the folks at Warner Archive have really outdone themselves lately.  Hot on the heels of their long-awaited release of CLEOPATRA JONES AND THE CASINO OF GOLD last month comes a Warner Brothers release that, if anything, folks have been clamoring even louder for over the years.

The truly bizarre, hilariously dark Gene Roddenberry/Roger Vadim collaboration (!) PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW has finally made it to DVD via the Warner Archive!  Reviewed here originally as Number 7 in our series, this 1971 film was way ahead of its time.  Actually, it may still be.

But here it is, with Angie Dickinson as a MILF 28 years before AMERICAN PIE gave us the term, Rock Hudson as the most progressive guidance counselor you'll ever see, the late John David Carson (who passed away just last year) as Coach Hudson's pet project, and a dazzling array of gorgeous Pretty Maids: Aimee Eccles, Margaret Markov (BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA), Brenda Sykes (MANDINGO), June Fairchild (the immortal Ajax Lady from UP IN SMOKE) and Joy Bang (NIGHT OF THE COBRA WOMAN).  

Roddy McDowall (LORD LOVE A DUCK) is on hand to remind us that the school has a lot of great little cheerleaders, while Telly Savalas works around the clock to locate the killer.

Highly recommended here at The Horn Section, there's also a limited number of collectible copies out there autographed by Angie Dickinson that are sure to be fetching high prices on ebay in the coming years.

No, I haven't forgotten, I've just had a full plate lately.  Number 47 is next post!

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Rupert Pupkin said...

Love that poster you found sir! I'm used to seeing the other version and one of my roommates years ago used to have it up in our kitchen. I can't wait to have this dvd for my collection! My Angie Dickinson-autographed copy will be on the way soon! It's about time it got some sort of release! A truly unique "classic" of sorts!