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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Diana Sands in a Maya Angelou script

There's a number of films that I'd love to review but I simply can't find a copy of ANYWHERE. These films also never turn up on any of the hundreds of cable channels available (but of course, EVAN ALMIGHTY will air two dozen times a week...but I digress).

Case in point: 1972's GEORGIA, GEORGIA. The film stars the great Diana Sands, Minnie Gentry, and a young Dirk Benedict.  Directed by Stig Bjorkman and scripted by none other than Maya Angelou. Despite the talent both in front of and behind the camera, I've yet to see this. It received a brief VHS release in the early 1980's to cash in on Benedict's A-TEAM fame and has virtually vanished ever since.

Why the Hell isn't this on DVD yet? More like, "why the Hell can't I even see this, period?"

Here's a few clips. Hard to believe that the beautiful and very talented Sands would be diagnosed with terminal cancer only a year after the film's release. If anyone out there has a copy, let me know. Any Diana Sands film is a must-watch.

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