Wednesday, October 07, 2009

This Week on DVD: The Lola Falana Show (1976)

Instead of looking at what's not out on DVD yet, this week I'd like to acknowledge the 1976 LOLA FALANA SHOW, which just received its release on a 2 disc set from Video Service Corporation.

It's probably just as cheesy as most 1970's variety shows (WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY pegged the typical variety show from that decade *perfectly*) but the gorgeous Ms. Falana has been out of the public eye for well over a decade now, and it should be fun to revisit her show today. Enjoy the clip above, with the great Redd Foxx guesting.

And have no fear, I'll be back to bringing attention to those lost classics still missing from DVD shortly....number 40 is next! 


Frost said...

Lola was mesmerizing. My young eyes were glued to the screen when she was on. At six, I didn't know why, but now I understand. Mmm.

CrazySexyMetalChick! said...

Was that a Christian song? My church services were never that fun or sexy!