Friday, March 21, 2008

CANNON is coming on July 8th

"It's about DAMN time this made it to DVD!" -- Number 2

And just a couple of months after yours truly asked for it! CANNON finally makes the jump to DVD on July 8th!

Yes, on the same day that Conrad's later (and vastly inferior, trust me) series, JAKE AND THE FATMAN, hits stores, the first Volume of the first season of CANNON is finally coming our way. Score one for the good guys. Apparently the two-hour CANNON pilot movie from 1970 will also be included. Then it is right into a puzzling crime at a rodeo in "The Salinas Jackpot", plus 11 more one-hour episodes.

Now if we can just get the powers that be to give us QUINCY: THE HILARIOUS YEARS (Seasons 5 through 8, when Jack Klugman essentially took over the show and decided to give Ed Asner and Alan Alda a run for their preachy money; these classics really deserve a month of posts of their own) and, oh, about 22 movies and counting........

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