Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Still Don't Know Why the Hell they aren't on DVD.....

....but they made my list of VHS Gems over at Rupert Pupkin Speaks!  

Mr. Pupkin started a new series of guest posts, and if you'll peruse, you'll find numerous gems worth seeking out that made it to VHS back in the day, but remain unavailable on DVD.  You know, kinda like we do here one at a time. Except you get multiple leads each post!

My list is Seventies-centric, since I saw so many films from the decades since on the lists of others.  No matter which film era or genre is your fave, you'll likely find something new to seek out on the VHS Gems series.  Thanks again to Mr. Pupkin for the invite! 

And as always while you're there, be sure to check out more of Rupert's finds in other categories.  He's a great source for what is available at The Warner Archive.  Happy hunting, and stay tuned for more reviews here.

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