Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scribbling in Superior Fashion

First off, my apologies for being overwhelmed with non-blog activity lately. Many reviews and other goodies are in the works. My friend Rudy Russo says you're gonna love it--and you can trust him! In the meantime, I am pleased to be the recipient of another award for blogging. Superior blogging, at that!

Toby over at 50 Westerns From the 1950's has awarded yours truly with the "Superior Scribbler" for blogging. Whether I got the award mainly for the "Why the Hell isn't this on DVD yet?" review series, or the ongoing tribute to the greatest actor who ever lived, Forrest Tucker, I am honored to humbly accept this recognition.

Toby's blog is well worth checking out if you like those old-school westerns like I do. In keeping with the spirit of the award, and the rules as well, a link to this post explains the Superior Scribbler in great detail, and I have 5 Superior Scribblers to hand out myself. Without further ado, my Superior Scribblers out there in blogland:

Snake Oil -- I've been a huge fan ever since the print version in the early 1990's, and Brother Randall's guide to Kooky Kristian Kulture still makes me laugh out loud. If Robert Tilton or Benny Hinn ever got a giggle out of you, this blog's for you!

Johnny Larue's Crane Shot continues to provide terrific film and TV reviews, and video links. And a special gold star for Marty for his ongoing episode guide for The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo, a series sadly neglected otherwise.

Atrocious Gramma --Randy shares my fascination with Quincy, M.E., and most recently provided a great breakdown of the very first episode! For you fans of the Klug Man, this is a must.

Retrospace -- All kinds of pop culture here. Whether it's an essay on why disco died, or another top 100 list of the greatest horror films ever made, you'll find it here.

Congrats to the winners! Back to trying to finish some new reviews of my own for you....

1 comment:

Frost said...

Hey, congrats! Well earned!

Forrest Tucker would be proud.

And thanks for the mention! I've hit a major wall and have yet to figure where I'm going with my blog. I'm wallowing in post-Quincy letdown, I guess.

Keep up the good work, Superior Scribbler!